unfamiliar passions

The series investigates the history of homosexuality and its dance through time and western civilisation. Each piece of the series explores the heritage of identifiers, legends, euphemisms, deviant behaviours and signalling mechanisms, noting how they transcend cultures and societies before ending up woven into the cloth of modern gay life. 

It acknowledges our existence in a material culture where depictions of life events and significant characters are immortalised through representation and icon. Figurative and portrait busts preserve legacies of those once considered socially significant. Trends and movements in sculpture literate a consensus of emotion from the surrounding society. As far back as 30,000 years ago, we discover human handprints made on walls - ‘I was here’.

In a progressively liberal society, it's important that we not only preserve these conventional narratives, but also those not previously considered customary or reputable.  

The project aims to give medium – voice – to this boundless history of queer legend.