slug likes shiny

The matters that have belonged to Design aren’t necessarily synonymous with the notion that that design matters; Design has historically escaped the grasp of criticism simultaneously with its own failing endeavour to identify the subject matter of the scene.

‘Slug likes Shiny’ seeks to reject the simplicity of the clean and industrial, through a roughness that skins a core of storytelling. It functions on the maxim that design should operate from a symbolic register, rather than from the agenda of the hegemonic heteropatriarchal past. 

Cast-aluminium organic forms grow from the institutional grid, rooting itself on a rocky igneous core which seemingly engulfs iconographic representations of Designs' dirty past. 3D printed Sci-fi florets crawl over the lampshade in a hopeful sentiment for the future; a queering of the design cannon.


ceramic, terracotta, glaze, resin, PLA, nickel-plating, aluminium, glass, light fixture

commissioned by Emma Scully Gallery, NY