articulated matter

ceramic, glaze, nickel plated 3d prints, resin, pine, terracotta, copper powder, polymer clay, plastic gems, steel

The age of interconnectivity has created a string with boundless heritage and endless beginning.

In ‘Articulated Matter’, ornament is laboured over the contemporary cube. It creates an index of reference in an attempt to express the anxiety of ‘doing’ in a culture conditioned by open information and diffusion.

Gold lustered baroque ornament morphs into iconographic symbols of legend where griffins grow into gargoyles and gripped claws represent the interplay of power. Roughened unglazed surfaces suggestive of excavated terracotta, morph into vibrantly glazed ornament belonging to an entirely different era. Nickel plated 3d prints of open source files of ancient philosophers seamlessly merge into contemporary pop-cultural characters. While algorithmically produced renders of the orient dress surfaces in 3d printed reliefs.

Equipping ourselves with a means or a methodology on how to see things, is to become part of the making of the object. An acknowledgement of this interconnectivity can be seen as the contemporary fulcrum with which we must debt our weave of the present to the technicolour strings of the past.